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  • June 13, 2024

The impact of elections around the world.

Elections around the world carry incredibly high stakes as they occur under a growing shadow of increasing political division and extremism. 

There are many significant elections making headlines:
  • In Aotearoa New Zealand, a new coalition government is actioning campaign promises and policies
  • In the United Kingdom, a messy and largely negative election campaign is in its final few weeks
  • The United States will choose a new president later this year
  • India has re-elected Narendra Modi amongst simmering tensions
  • Mexico voted Claudia Sheinbaum as its new president in a landslide victory

And with recent news of a snap election in France, the political landscape of the European Union is changing significantly and quickly - over 373 million eligible people across 27 countries will vote this year.

A common theme across all of these elections is the growing schism of ideology that pushes people and policies into the shadowy margins of extremism. Votes are being cast into an increasingly growing void of disillusionment, anger and reactionary rhetoric. This growing gap is swallowing up compassion and love, replacing our shared humanity with a finger invariably pointed at those who are "not like us". 

Individualism is contrary to how Jesus lived and what he taught.

God calls us to care about our society as the salt and light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16) and as Christians, we are explicitly told to do justice (Micah 6:8). Jesus told us to love our neighbour and, if we care about them, we have to care about the laws and policies that our political leaders make and the impact that they may have on their lives.


Prayer points: 

For the church to be salt, light and hope in the world, showing love and compassion in place of fear and division
For all the countries facing increasing political polarisation and vision
For churches and Christians to ask the hard question of whether their political ideology and views are contrary to the character and example of Jesus
For Christians everywhere who are in danger or who put their safety on the line for the sake of others

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