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23/05 • UKRAINE

  • May 23, 2024

Focus on Ukraine 

In the past week, Russian forces have intensified their offensive in the Kharkiv region, pushing deeper into Ukrainian territory.

Russian troops have advanced up to one kilometre into the region and are aiming to establish a buffer zone to prevent Ukrainian attacks on Russian border areas. This offensive includes heavy artillery and mortar shelling targeting towns and villages along the northeastern border.  

Humanitarian Impact 

The recent offensive has forced the evacuation of approximately 6,000 civilians, many of whom are elderly and vulnerable. The humanitarian impact is severe, with numerous civilian casualties reported. Recent Russian airstrikes on the city of Dnipro resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. Similarly, attacks on Kherson and Mykolaiv have caused significant damage to residential buildings, schools, and medical facilities, leaving many injured and homeless The continued aggression has led to widespread displacement and suffering among the Ukrainian population.

The relentless shelling across the country continues to cause widespread damage to homes and infrastructure, leaving many without shelter and basic necessities. Local authorities and humanitarian organisations are working tirelessly to relocate residents to safer areas and provide essential support 

Diplomatic Efforts 

On the diplomatic front, there are ongoing efforts to address the conflict. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to seek international support, while peace talks and international summits are being planned to find a resolution. Notably, delegations from over 50 countries are expected to attend a peace summit in Switzerland next month.

Prayer points: 

Pray for the safety and well-being of the thousands of families caught in the conflict, especially those being evacuated. Ask for God’s provision and emotional and spiritual support for those who have lost homes and loved ones. 
Pray for Ukrainian and international leaders to have wisdom in their decisions and negotiations. Ask that they work towards a peaceful resolution and the support of those affected by the war. 
Pray for the effective distribution of humanitarian aid to those in need and for the protection of those delivering assistance. Ask for resources to reach the displaced and for organisations to have the capacity to meet the growing needs. 

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